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Photo: Theresa Danaher in Portsmouth addressing the Press Conference

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As announced on and in the news in mid-June, Concerned Citizens of Portsmouth Political Action Committee (CCPPAC) came together to support a recall effort in response to the sudden firing of City Manager Angel Jones and a surprise vote for a new city manager without public notice or proper process.

Since then, four members of our City Council, led by council members Whitaker and Barnes, continue to work outside public view to change our city government from the top down. They have disrupted council meetings, foisted their private agendas on us all, and caused chaos in the orderly conduct of city business.

Decisions about how to spend millions of dollars in federal, state, local, and private development funds are in process. Who is making these decisions—the whole council, with public support, or “de facto” mayor Whitaker and Vice Mayor Barnes? Battle and Woodard are up for re-election this November and can be removed from council by our votes. But Whitaker and Barnes are not on the ballot until 2024—so Concerned Citizens called for a recall before they can do more damage.

Please join with other Concerned Citizens and sign and support our recall petitions!

“We are all concerned with civility, stability, and unity here in this city. We did not elect a ‘de facto’ mayor; we did not elect renegade council members.
We stand with this PAC, this committee, and its effort to recall Vice Mayor De’Andre Barnes and Councilman Mark Whitaker.”

Rev. Milton R. Blount, President, MLK Jr. Leadership Steering Committee

“The people of Portsmouth deserve responsible leadership. The people of Portsmouth deserve respectful leadership.
The people of Portsmouth deserve ethical and accountable leadership. When there’s a de facto coup on council that tries to undermine the integrity of responsible, respectful, ethical leadership, something must be done.”

Rev. Dr. Kelvin E. Turner, MLK Jr. Leadership Steering Committee



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