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Two out of four renegade council members were voted out of office in November.
The other two? It’s up to you!

Councilman Woodard

Councilman Whitaker

Councilwoman Burke

Councilman Glover

Councilman Moody

Councilman Barnes

Councilman Battle

We Want Our City Back

City Council members must work cooperatively and transparently, showing they are worthy of public
trust and are serving the best interests of the City of Portsmouth.

Councilmen Battle and Woodard have been swept out of office by a wide margin, but their collaborators on Council – Barnes and Whitaker – can continue to do damage until 2025 unless recalled from office NOW.


In the last six months, the abrupt firing and hurried replacement of City Manager Angel Jones, contrived by a council majority led by Whitaker and Barnes, created:

  • a revolving door of top management in City Hall
  • financial scandals involving federal funds and forensic audits
  • missed opportunities to expand our tax base via development
  • a potential loss of millions of dollars in lawsuits against our City


Although the former disruptive majority has been cut in half and we are over halfway to our signature goal for the recall, there is still much to be done. We must collect more signatures, verify every signature via data entry, and put together the results in a format compliant with court procedures.


Please help us wrap up the recall of council members Barnes and Whitaker – and give our 2023 City Council a firm foundation for our future. Sign the petitions if you haven’t yet, encourage others to sign, volunteer, and/or donate to cover costs. Many thanks to those who supported us in the past and those who will do so now as we continue our campaign.

 “I believe recall is a blunt instrument which should be used infrequently, and only when the cause is significant. This is one of those times…” 

Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky, Publisher, Portsmouth City Watch, Concerned Citizens of Portsmouth (CCPPAC) Member

Photo courtesy Gary McIntire

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Photo source: Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

Learn more about Portsmouth City Watch to get current information from the people of Portsmouth

News & Views

Learn more about Portsmouth City Watch to get current information from the people of Portsmouth

Photo source Mark Geduldig-Yatrofsky

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